Thursday, July 31, 2008

All items cleared!!

What a day!!! Spent a day off work to clear off some bags from custom and pick up my maid in LLCT.....but it was all worth it...nothing feels more satisfying than delivering the bags to the customers.....(macam waaa mission accomplished! u know wht i mean?..) Anyways, clearing items was much easier than clearing "ppl" (maid) from imigresen...heheh..
1. beratur (nak amik daily pass...) bayar singgit
2. beratur 20 mins ( tunggu ramai sikit beratur depan pintu kastam)
3. eskot pon datang, jemput kami masuk ke ruang menunggu pekerja asing. Kami pon macam kambing kambing la masuk...beramai ramai...Ingatkan jauh sangat....bilik arrival rupanya...ramaila bersidai kat sana..menunggu agent ataupon majikan memasing.
4. eskot tu pon left us in the arrival hall....I was the only one (majikan yang amik sendiri) yang lain semer agent yang dah biase with the proses claim pendatang asing...I was left alone terkangkang figuring what the heck i need to do next to clear my maid off customs ni...?!
5. So just followed what the other agents did...beratur lagi sana sini to get clearance...
6. Beratur balik pulangkan pass....and the best part is.."cik bayar RM40 ye"....what the hell for? Ooooo khidmat eskot tadik yang buat aku menunggu 20 min cam kambing depan pintu imigresen pastu staff kastam eskot for like 100 steps to the arrival hall.And then left me terkontang kanting in the arrival hall tu..!
Waaaaaa........senang nyer wat duit! Lagi masyuk dari jual beg coach...hehehehe! brushing up my photography skills ; thanks bi bagik pinjam kamera..heheh



Ini org punyer ye..hehe cantik...........................! Doubleclick to enlarge

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